Monday, January 16, 2012

What's New, Tiger Lilly?

Well, I will tell you what's new. But first let me tell you what's not new: this blog. This blog is about the not newest thing you will find in this post. And no, I am not resurrecting it, because to be quite honest, I have a blogging phobia. Yes, it's true, please don't make fun of me, I am very embarrassed about it.

Since I am not here to bring this dead blog back to life, what am I doing here? I am here to tell you about my new website, over at It has books, videos, free samples, and a fake blog where every Friday I will post segments of my latest novel "Twice Bitten, and Still not Shy" (not a vampire novel).

Pay me a visit over there and say hi! (Or don't, you know, the whole blogging phobia thing.)

See you there.

Love, Liesel